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Luxar® Anti-Reflective Glass

Luxar® Anti-Reflective Glass

Luxar® Anti-Reflective glass is a durable multi-layered anti-reflective transparent coating. Luxar® also performs like a hard coating with higher surface abrasion resistance than regular glass.

Regular glass reflects 8% of the visible light, causing unwanted reflections and distracting mirror-like effects. Luxar® reflects less than 0.5%, virtually eliminating these residual reflections and provides reflection free visibility, better than any other product available.

Applications & Options


Displays and showcases for museums and high end retail


Shopfront and showroom windows


VIP stadium corporate suits


Shop fitting and architectural interiors


Available in sizes to 4800 x 2500mm


Can be integrated into the entire range of products offered by Glassform®, including Bullet, Blast and Forced Entry Resistant glass



Certificate of Registration

ISO 9001 Certificate of Registration

Glassform Sound Attenuation Data

AS/NZS 2208 StandardsMark Licence

Glassform Sound Attenuation Data

AS/NZS 2080 StandardsMark Licence

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Luxar Anti Reflective

Luxar® Anti-Reflective Glass

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