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Glassform® Rail Glazing

Glassform® Rail Glazing

Glassform® GenuinelyCertified™ rail glazing for windscreens, side facing and other glass is the most trusted and complete product range available as a result of the focused development of proprietary technologies not available from any other supplier to address the complex performance requirements of these applications. The reliable in full, on time, zero defect delivery of conforming product to rail fleet builders and maintainers in Australia, Europe and the USA over 25 years has made Glassform® the product of choice for discriminating purchasers.

Glassform® windscreen, side facing, intercar fire resistant, destination indicator and other specialised rail glass has been installed as Original Equipment in passenger fleets and locomotives built by Alstom, Bombardier Transportation, Siemens, UGL and Downer EDI since 1999, including outside Australia.

In addition, Glassform® supports maintenance of these fleets and other fleets of passenger trains and locomotives with unequalled capability to manufacture and promptly supply GenuinelyCertified® state of the art replacement glass solutions. This supply activity commenced in 1992, and rapidly expanded to all States of Australia, New Zealand and other export markets.




GenuinelyCertified™ to AS/NZS 2080, FRA Type 1 or 2, BRB 566 and/or GM/RT 2456 as required

Transparency and Optical Quality

Industry leading freedom from distortion and haze. Can also incorporate low iron glass for enhanced transparency

Low Haze

Interlayers are selected to provide low haze for unhindered visibility in all lighting conditions

Product Integrity

Manufactured using proprietary processing, quality control systems and premium components to assure product integrity and performance, which are warranted for 20 years. Over 1 million pieces of Glassguard® rail glass have been installed for up to 25 years with no delamination issue being reported

Thinner Lighter and More Transparent

Glassform® Rail Glazing is thinner, lighter and more transparent than other products as a result of proprietary technology such as Chemtough™ chemically toughened glass components.




Luxar® Anti-Reflective

Can incorporate Luxar® Anti-Reflective coatings to reduce unwanted reflections

Solar Control

Can be supplied with Solarguard® solar control to reduce solar radiant heat effects on drivers and/or passengers and to reduce air conditioning loads while achieving required levels of visible light transmission

Fire Resistance

Available as GenuinelyCertified™ fire resistant glass to AS1530.4

Edge Banding

Available with blackout edge banding for installation with structural adhesives

Directional Shading

Can be supplied with Solarshield® directional shading to prevent solar whiteout of driver controls, while allowing forward and side visibility

Transparent Electrical Demisting

Available with integrated thermostatically controlled transparent heating for demisting requirements in power ratings up to 650 Watt/sqm

Flat or Curved

Windscreens and side facing glass to all relevant standards can be supplied flat or curved in sizes up to 3600mm x 1500mm

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