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Melbourne Star Case Study

Laminated Curved Safety Glass

Melbourne Star Solarguard Solar Control
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Melbourne Star Solarguard Solar Control

The Challenge

To develop a certified curved safety glass solution with solar control properties that would prevent visitors being uncomfortable due to high solar heat loads impinging on the glass, while maintaining high levels of visible light transmission.

The Solution

Glassform developed a laminated curved safety glass solution with integrated Solarguard® spectrally selective elements and glass coatings to provide shading coefficient and U values and visible light transmission which were not available elsewhere and were shown to be adequate to the task.

These were implemented in 22 sets of curved CNC machined glass, installed by the manufacturer of the cabins in Japan by Asahi, a company employing 65,000 who were not able to provide a suitable product, sourcing it from Glassform.

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